Business News: Highlights Of The Day

SAP co-CEO Jennifer Morgan.
image: SAP

1) SAP's co-CEO, Jennifer Morgan, who took up the position only a few months ago, has announced she's stepping down. SAP co-CEO Christian Klein will now become the sole CEO of the German software giant. Source: SAP Newsroom.

Michael Bloomberg.
image: Gage Skidmore on Flickr

2) Former U.S. Presidential Candidate Michael Bloomberg has been revealed to have spent an astonishing $1 billion+ on his presidential campaign, the expense amounting over a 104-day period, or in other words, about $10 million each day. Bloomberg dropped out of the race in March of 2020. Source (s): Politico, U.S. Federal Election Commission (FEC).

North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un.
image: Janne Wittoeck on Flickr, under Creative Commons license

3) According to U.S. officials, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un recently had cardiovascular surgery and could be seriously ill. South Korea and China, two countries close to North Korea, seem to have downplayed such a speculation. Source(s): CNBC and The Guardian.

4) Singapore has extended an enacted nation-wide lock-down as the number of coronavirus cases in the country surpass 9000. Source: Livemint.

Richard Branson.
Photo by: Marco Verch, under Creative Commons license 

5) Billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson has requested for a loan from the U.K. government to help save his airline business Virgin Atlantic amid a severe business slowdown resulting from the coronavirus outbreak. Such request has drawn many jabs towards Branson, particularly on his status as a British Virgin Islands resident, entailing he doesn't pay personal taxes to the the U.K. government despite being a citizen. Source(s); Forbes,, Bloomberg.