News: Highlights Of The Day..

1) The U.S. Treasury Department said on Saturday it has released $9.5 billion in additional funds to help support U.S. airlines amid a severe business slowdown resulting from travel halts in the middle of a coronavirus outbreak. In total, $12.4 billion has now been disbursed to U.S. airlines, about 10 major ones and 83 smaller carriers. Source: Reuters.

2) Reports have surfaced of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un being in ill-health. Some have even claimed the North Korean dictator is dead. Some reports put Kim Jong-Un as being in a vegetative state after a botched heart surgery. There has been, however, no official confirmation or announcement on the North Korean dictator's health status. Source(s): Aljazeera, The Guardian, CNN, CNBC.

3) The government of Saudi Arabia has said that it will abolish flogging as a form of legal punishment. A directive from the country's leadership says flogging as a form of punishment will be replaced by imprisonment or fines. Source: BBC.

4) The Ministry of Public Health of the Arabian nation of Qatar has announced 833 new confirmed coronavirus cases in the country, pushing the country's total number of confirmed cases to more than 9,000. Source: Gulf News.

5) Nearly 3,300 prison inmates have tested positive to the coronavirus across four U.S. state prisons. The majority of such prisoners, however, are currently asymptomatic. Source: Reuters.