On This Day In History...

2013: Same-sex marriage was approved in France.

1564: Famed English dramatist William Shakespeare was born.

1791: James Buchana, the 15th president of the United States, was born

1858: Renowned German physicist Max Planck was born.

1928: American actress Shirley Temple was born

1970: Then U.S. President Richard Nixon signed into order the Public Health Cigarette Smoking Act, effectively banning the advertising of cigarettes on television and radio channels.

Soyuz 10.

Photo credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls

1971: The Soviet Union launched Soyuz 10, the world's first mission to the world's first space station.

1975: Then U.S. President Gerald Ford declared the Vietnam War was over for America.

1984: Researchers announced the discovery of a virus billed as the primary cause of AIDS, a then mysterious yet fatal disease that destroyed the body's immune system.

Marvin Gaye.

Photo credit: tomovox | Flickr, under Creative Commons license

1984: American singer Marvin Gaye was shot to death by his father at age 45.

1998: James Earl Ray, the convicted killer of renowned human rights activist Martin Luther King, Jr., passed away in prison.

2005: The first video was uploaded to popular video site YouTube.

2007: Russian politician Boris N. Yeltsin, who was the first popularly elected leader in the country, died in the Russian capital of Moscow.

2012: The then president of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh, who had held that position for more than three decades, agreed to step down.

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