Do Not Share Face Masks, NCDC Warns

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has implored on the citizens of the country to avoid sharing face masks, presumably after noticing the practice to have occurred within the shores of the country. In the middle of a coronavirus pandemic, the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control has regularly dished out guidance and preventive measures for residents of the country, also as daily updates on the number and severity of confirmed coronavirus cases have also become the norm. In an official tweet accompanied by a detailed advisory document, the NCDC implored Nigerian citizens to abide by stipulated preventive measures and also urge others to do so.

A global shortage of medical masks have led people to resort to the use of cloth face masks that are made out of everyday fabric. Such masks can act as a barrier to infected respiratory droplets but cannot completely protect one from an infection. To help ensure the best possible protection, the  Nigeria Centre for Disease Control has urged citizens to avoid large gatherings, maintain physical distancing, maintain regular hand-washing, and frequently clean exposed surfaces.

The government of Nigeria has enacted measures to help curb the transmission of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Such measures include a ban on large gatherings, movement restrictions, and strict consequences for those found to be in violation of stipulated laws.

Altogether, Nigeria has confirmed slightly below 5,000 coronavirus cases within its shores. Out of that number, More than 1,000 have been discharged while about 160 have died.