Nigeria's Coronavirus Cases Hit Nearly 4000

Photo credit: Chatham House, under Creative Commons license

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) released its latest coronavirus report [pdf] on Friday, the 8th of May, indicating that a total of 3,912 coronavirus cases have been confirmed in the country, including nearly 400 in the last 24 hours preceding the report. The nearly 400 new coronavirus cases were confirmed across 20 Nigerian states, the biggest number, 176 of such cases, coming from Lagos. The likes of Kano, Katsina, and FCT, Nigeria's capital, also recorded a significant number of cases, 65, 31, and 20 respectively.

Over the past 24 hours preceding the report, ten deaths were recorded across five states in Nigeria. Half of the recorded deaths came from Lagos, Nigeria's most populous city. Also in the 24 hours preceding the report, 78 confirmed cases were discharged. In total, Nigeria has recorded 679 discharged cases and 117 confirmed deaths. Out of the total confirmed cases, the highest number came from Lagos, which had recorded 1667 cases in total. Kano, FCT, and Borno follow suit by having the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th biggest number of cases.

Males accounted for 68% of all Nigeria's confirmed cases while females accounted for the remaining 32%. The most affected age groups happen to be persons aged 31-40. Nigeria recorded a spike in the number of cases as the country eased its enacted lockdowns beginning on Monday, the 4th of May.