Photo Gallery: Barack Obama

Have this photo gallery of former U.S. president Barack Obama to help brighten up your day!

Obama waves as he boards the Air Force One.

Obama departs the Air Force One in Tokyo, Japan sometime in 2014

President Barack Obama presents the Medal of Honor to former U.S. Army Sgt. Kyle J. White.

Obama with famed U.S. investor and business tycoon Warren Buffett.

Obama smiles during an Army-Navy college football game.

Obama and wife Michelle dance during a performance at the Washington Convention Center.

Obama laughs with kids on the White House Basketball Court.

Obama carries a cake into the Oval Office for a birthday party

The iconic laugh.

Obama and family dog, Bo.
Obama plays with his niece Savita.

Obama plays Baseball

He also plays Football
He cracks a shotgun

He plays with kids

Yet again

Obama consoles a woman

He looks out of an airplane window

He swims with his daughter, Sasha.

He kisses Michelle

He leaves the White House.