Two Lavish Home Purchases That Made Us Scream...What?

Photo credit: Westside Estate Agency / Pritchett Rapf

In 2017, entertainment mogul sold this seemingly shipping container-sized cottage located in Malibu's Carbon Beach for $8 million, yes $8 million. That amount would get one a huge mansion in many places but not in Carbon Beach, which has long been nicknamed "Billionaire's Beach" due to the presence of properties owned by several billionaires along the beach stretch. To top it all, Geffen coughed up $9.8 million to acquire the 1,500-square-foot cottage way back in 2008.

As it is, $9 million will get you a very big and nice house in many places, but not in Carbon Beach boy!


In 2012, Japanese tech tycoon coughed up a whopping $117.5 million for the property pictured above. Now that's an undoubtedly very nice property, but for $117.5 million. Naahh. That money could build you a college!