Brief: 25,000 American Airlines Jobs At Risk

Photo credit: Steve Lynes on Flickr

American Airlines has told 25,000 workers that their jobs are at risk after federal aid expires on the 1st of October, as air travel demand slumps again on the heels of increasing coronavirus cases. In a letter sent out to employees on Wednesday, American Airlines said that it expects to have 20,000 more employees than necessary by this fall. As a result, the Texas-based airline issued potential furlough notices to 25,000 of its employees as demanded by federal labor laws. Affected employees include airport and technical operation workers who could be shifted to other locations.

25,000 employees represents 29% of American Airlines' current staff. The Texas-based carrier had previously cut about 5,000 jobs. As stipulated by a $25 billion aid disbursed by the U.S. government to US carriers, they agreed to not furlough any workers until the aid runs out as scheduled on the 1st of October.