Biden Campaign Plans $280 Million Ad Spend

The campaign team of U.S. presidential candidate Joe Biden has announced that it's reserving $280 million to spend on digital and television advertisements through the fall, with TV spend making up the bulk of the stated amount ($220 million) while digital spend takes up the rest. The stated figure from the Biden campaign is almost twice the $147 million that the Trump campaign has reserved for ad spend, according to reports. Biden's campaign alongside the Democratic National Committee and joint fundraising committees raised a whopping $140 million in July alone.

As part of television advertising spend, Biden is reserving airtime in 15 states across the US, including historically Republican states such as Texas, Georgia, and Arizona. For digital spend, the campaign plans to reserve ads on streaming services such as YouTube, Hulu, and ESPN as well as online gaming platforms and podcasts. Among its efforts include a planned media campaign to educate voters on their options for voting, notably in an election year where a record number of voters are expected to vote via mail due to the coronavirus pandemic. Also being targeted by the Biden campaign are advertising efforts aimed at key constituencies, such as Black, Latino and Asian American and Pacific Islander voters.

“We know that in a pandemic, we are in unprecedented times,” Biden's campaign manager, Jen O’Malley Dillon, said in a press statement. “We’ve seen chaos in recent primary elections, and we know that our responsibility is to make sure that we give voters everything they need to be able to vote, vote early and vote safely. We believe that our advertising strategy is going to do just that and serve as a way to break through from a lot of the misinformation out there.”