Some People ‘Play Politics With The Pandemic’ But Not Trump: Kushner

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore on Flickr

Jared Kushner, the Senior Advisor to and son in-law of the President of the United States, has defended the Trump administration's strategy to combat the coronavirus pandemic, stating that others have taken advantage of the crisis to “play politics” but not President Donald Trump. “Some people have chosen to play politics with the pandemic, President Trump has opted not to politicize it and he’s done everything possible to try to figure how to help people get whatever care they need,” Kushner said in an exclusive interview with CNBC.

“This is a global pandemic, it came from China into our country. It’s ravaged many countries throughout the world and I think President Trump has dealt with it in a very responsible way,” Kushner added, his statement notably coming after the U.S. has been hit very hard by the pandemic, with the country recording the most amount of deaths from the coronavirus globally. Altogether, about 5.4 million coronavirus cases have been recorded and with 170 thousand deaths in the US. The country's death toll accounts for a nearly a quarter of the globally recorded 800,000 deaths from the coronavirus pandemic.

Kushner defended the Trump administration's handling of the coronavirus despite lots of opposition and disagreement. Responding to a question on whether it had been a mistake for the U.S. not to have a national program to combat the coronavirus, Kushner stated that the U.S. government oversaw the procurement, production, and distribution of needed resources such as masks and ventilators during the pandemic.

“With regards to a national strategy, the job of the federal government was to get the resources that the country needed,” he said. “You heard all these hysterical reports about doctors on the front lines not being able to get masks, not having enough ventilators, you had governors requesting a lot more ventilators than they needed, and again, every patient in America that needed a ventilator got a ventilator, President Trump distributed them properly,” Kushner told CNBC’s Hadley Gamble.

Questioned on if there were regrets about the Trump administration's approach to the coronavirus, Kushner said "there’s always things you could do differently," but didn't elaborate further.