Jamie Harrison Bags $57 Million For Senate Campaign

Photo credit: Edward Kimmel from Takoma Park, MD, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Jamie Harrison, a US Senate Candidate of the Democratic party, has declared $57 million in campaign donations from July through September of this year, setting the record for the largest-ever amount raised by a US Senate candidate in a three-month period. He beat the previous record of Beto O'Rourke, a Democrat who raised $38 million in the final three-month period of his campaign before narrowly losing to Republican incumbent Ted Cruz. Harrison, backed by a substantial amount of funding, is running against current Republican incumbent Lindsey Graham for the Senior Senate seat of the state of South Carolina.

Harrison's record $57 million raise between the months of July to September compares to about $30 million that he raised during the preceding three-month period of April to June, a period in which he matched incumbent Lindsey Graham's fundraising prowess (they both raised about $30 million apiece). Now, it's uncertain if he's beaten Lindsey Graham's fundraising prowess in the months of July to September as Graham hasn't yet released reports of his third-quarter fundraising. For a hint, however, Graham in September appealed for funds from supporters on the Fox News cable channel, stating that “I’m being killed financially. This money is ’cause they hate my guts”. That hints of him facing financial hiccups for the final quarter of his campaign.

Harrison's campaign declared $57 million raised in the form of of 1.5 million donations from 994,000 donors, where the average contribution was $37. With his new raise, he has now brought in nearly $86 million to date for his campaign.