Vox.com Co-Founder Matthew Yglesias Departs


Photo credit: ygurvitz, licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


Matthew Yglesias, an American journalist who co-founded the popular Vox.com explanatory journalism site, has announced his departure from the site he co-founded six years ago. Yglesias has set up another journalism outlet that's built on the popular Substack platform for subscription content. That outlet is named 'Snow Boring', which Yglesias touts as reclaiming "what I had in my blog days as an independent voice", likely comparing to Vox.com which is known to be left-leaning as concerning American politics.

Yglesias's departure comes six years after he co-founded Vox.com under the umbrella of Vox Media, a digital media company that operates other popular brands such as technology news site The Verge, real estate site Curbed, and sports site SB Nation. He co-founded Vox together with journalists Ezra Klein and Melissa Bell after leaving a previous popular outlet, Slate.

Yglesias has a storied career that began when he began blogging on American politics and public policy issues back in 2002 as a college student. After graduating from Harvard University, Yglesias embarked on a journalism career that spanned many popular outlets including The Atlantic, Slate, and The American Prospect.

Now, Yglesias has branched out to an independent outlet that's built on Substack, a popular online platform for subscription content that's being increasingly adopted by many journalists. Substack was launched just two years ago and now has more than 100,000 subscribers who are paying authors on its platform.

Substack as a company originates from the Silicon Valley region and is backed by investors including startup accelerator Y Combinator and venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz.